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On Help.


Grand-mere Yeta c'est un peu moi!


On Help.

Elektrika Banana

Today I wanted to share with you a fact that a few of my family and friends know about me: I feel shame when I say that I am a jeweler. 

Ashamed to work in an industry of appearance and luxury goods, when so much people have it less easy than me. When so many things are more important than what you can show with what you wear. 

I've always struggled with that feeling, and only a few years ago, I've come to realized that my 'luxury goods' are not useless and superfluous for this planet. They don't, because I work hard putting meaning, love and intention in them. They are one-of-a-kind, hand-made, well made goods that my customers love and appreciate. They are valuable in more than just a mercantile way.

But still, I knew there was something more that I could do to support my community through my works. I don't have tons of money to change the World, but I have time.

Not only that, I have time AND a valuable set of skills. 

So there it is, I am using what I know best to support the wave of helpers that are out there.

I am on the path of dedicating some of my collections to movements and non-profits that need support, while making pretty things somebody will wear proudly! AND I am keeping a true fair price for my customers, I just donate my labor time.

I feel more energetic and hopeful since I'm in action. And I will go on, because I will need all the hope and energy for the years to come!

I will slowly add new designs to different causes. If a cause wins /or loses and stops, I will modify the recipient of the donation to the most relevant next one. And concretely, I will mail a check every 3 months to the non-profits, and write a post about it on my social medias to keep you informed on how it goes, and to thanks my customers.

It's small, but I guess we all have to start somewhere. And in that case, it is you and me doing it together, and I am very grateful for your support! 

So today I am more than ever proud to be an artisan jeweler. If you like my collections, go for it, it's going to make a bunch of humans happy! And if you can, consider donating your time and/or your money directly to the causes and communities you want to see thriving. Like this, that, here, and also here , just some suggestions to start!

Thank you for reading me!