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Elektrika Banana was born when a petite French girl freshly graduated from her jewelry school, something like 10 years ago, was driving in the countryside around Lyon, France, and suddently realized how strong and independent of a woman she could be and how much she loved it, all while listening to Donovan's famous song "Mellow Yellow".

That's how I yelled to myself: "That's it! That's my name! That's my brand! Elektrika Banana!!!"

And yeah, I heard about the sexual conotation of "electrical banana" in the song and all of that...

And yeah, I've been told that it's a weird name for a jewelry company, and why complicate it with 'K's instead of the regular 'C's??...

Oh well, you know, as a girl I've heard many things, I've also naively believed lots of them...

But the Elektrika Banana's epiphany in my car was actually my very first Girl Empowerment experience, and I've always cherrished it!

So there I was, and here I am.

After graduating, I've worked in differents places and industries. I've moved in different homes, with different people. 

A decade has passed and I realised that the only constant in my life were my toolbox, my workbench and that Elektrika Banana alter ego I created.

And even when I followed my love, across the ocean, across the USA, all the way down to the beautiful Pacific North West, I made sure to get my tools with me, or be sent to me from France by my RAD parents. And I built from scratch a jeweler's work bench. And I started to make stuff again. And finally after 4 years here in Portland, I've decided to give it a REAL try. 

I hope you'll appreciate it.

And otherwise, so you get to know me more, I love: 

Food, be goofy, QUEEN, my really RAD/supportive/wonderful family and friends, QUEEN, to make or transform clothes, garden and grow my own veggies, QUEEN, textures and colors (everywhere around me, I photograph them, they make me happy), Halloween, Thanksgiving, a costumed Thanskgiving party, any costumed party, boardgames, Jean-Luc Picard, bacon, Freddie Mercury, cats, watching Star Trek TNG while eating bacon and peting a cat, my partner making sure I get food+cosy couch and blanket+Queen at Wembley '86 when I'm sick, make people laugh, abide like the Dude (I'm still working on that skill), moustaches, meet raccoons when I bike home at night, watch women/humans empowerment videos ...

Lucile Delorme aka Elektrika Banana