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Shipping Info

Having planted my anchor on the west coast of the USA, my packages can be sent anywhere in the world!

You have 3 options for shipping:

- Free pick-up at my studio in Portland, Or,  with appointment

- $5.95 USPS Priority Mail - This insure your order up to $50 . If your order is worth more that $50 and you choose that option, Elektrika Banana cannot be held responsible if anything happens to the package. This choice is at your own risks.

- $14 USPS mail insured up to $500. This is the best option if your order is larger than $50. If the package gets lost, I will be reimbursed and therefore I will be able to make an other piece of jewelry for you, or to credit you back.

Products are sent on average 48 to 72 hours after receipt of payment. For custom orders, allow 2 to 4 weeks.
Delivery times are approximately 5 to 10 days, 2 to 4 weeks for international.
If, for any reason (holidays, postal service strike), I can not send you the product within 72 hours after payment, I will contact you to determine whether or not to continue the transaction despite the delay.


The US Postal Service is just like any other postal service in the world, but without being alarmist, let's be realistic: you never know what could happen. Thanks to postal services and / or customs you might end up being one of "the lucky few "to a have a parcel lost, undeliverable, poorly delivered, delayed, or damaged.
Please understand that I would love to, but cannot, bear responsibility for such twists of fate.
If you have had problems with receiving packages in the past I suggest you request the "Insured mailing with tracking number and delivery confirmation" mailing option on your order.

If you receive a damaged package with a damaged piece inside due to shipping treatment CONTACT ME WITHIN 3 DAYS of receipt of the package so that I can contact the shipping company and make sure both you and I find the best solution to this situation.

Each piece is wrapped securely and minimally and wrapped in an ELK.BNA packaging.